Begin A New Adventure!

Coming soon, a new Minecraft experience!

Hello everyone!

We just implemented Mobs that you guys are able to fight and will soon be able to gain rewards from. We also just implemented the following professions.

  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Farming
  • Wood Cutting

Much more to come! If you guys have any feedback or ideas for mobs you guys can message me on here or on the discord server.
Hey everybody!

I have been working on ForgeStorm again! We are getting close to releasing an official alpha. Right now the server is online for people to test out. You can join the hub and check it out and you can also play mini games (currently only 4 are ready to demo)! Explore your compass menu to find the button to join the mini games (or click Joseph).

Please use this as a chance to review the current build. Feel free to test any feature currently available. Mobs and more shops are coming soon. Right now there are very limited ways to earn money and very little things to buy. I understand that this makes the server not very fun, but we really just need people to test and review the content that is currently ready. Also if you wish to test the mini games you will need at least two people to play. Thanks everyone for your time and your patience, it is very much appreciated. Also thanks to @GoogleFox for all the help so far!

I will continue to make news post's on here and on our Discord channel. When something new is added, you will be able to test it! Join our Discord channel! Click this link -->

Things we have left to do:
  1. Add mobs and more citizens to the hub and mini game lobby maps.
  2. Add a block shop store for player realms.
  3. Add more tutorials.
  4. Add more shops around the server.
  5. Implement more animated blocks.
  6. Finish off the hub build.
  7. Add more mini games.
  8. Gather input from testers about the build, game play, and must have mini games.

Server IP:
(Note: server may go up and down as we work on it)
Hey everyone! It has been a little bit since my last blog entry so I decided to write up another one. :)

I wanted to mention that the progress of the server is great, we have a lot of new features and a new hub for players to enjoy. We will need a lot of bug testing in the future. @hposej and myself think were making something really fun! Now, as you may have noticed, our server has gone down again. This is because 1) their is no need to pay for that big server if the code isn't ready and 2) we don't want our new ideas and features stolen. So if you read the last blog post, we mentioned that the server was boring, remember? Well I think we have potentially solved this issue, our new content adds a lot of fun and exciting new ideas to Minecraft mini-game scene. I am sorry I can't speak much more about it, but just know that we are working hard. Anyways, that's all for now!

Oh! And join us in discord!!!!!

Till next time guys!
Hello everyone!

Since it has been awhile since my last "minigame patch" post, I figured I needed to come up with a way to keep everyone informed of what is going on and stay active. So that being said I am starting a mini-blog talking about what is happening with the developers and whats going on with the project. Alright well, lets get this party started!

As you may already know, we basically have everything we need to run a true mini-game server. We have a custom hub, we have custom mini-games and custom game worlds. Many of you have played the content and many of you have been involved in the project in one way or another. However, we still have a HUGE problem...

So whats the problem then? Well lets just be frank. The minigames aren't that fun and the lobby/hub is boring. While everything was made from scratch, that doesn't mean the content created is any fun. That being said, the server does have potential. As a matter of fact, it has tons and tons of potential. Which, is why we keep working on it. But... How do we make the server fun? What features can we add that will give the server what it needs to make it to the top? It is a difficult thing to answer but I think I have come up with a solution. The answer? Rethink, redesign, implement, test, and repeat. I have been doing this for quite some time now. It actually seems and sounds easy to do, but in all reality, it was a great challenge. During the process I found myself questing every move I make. I would question every idea. I would critique everything harshly.

See I take this project serious. I have ALWAYS wanted to make games. As a kid the Nintendo (NES), Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64 had me hooked! But... Nothing compares to the time when I first seen a 3D game. I was at a friends house when I was about 7 or 8 years old. He had a computer with Windows on it. I had only used computers in school. So games were not allowed on the computer. Anyways my friend showed me this game....

IT BLEW MY MIND! Never have I ever played a game like that. And at that time, those were great graphics! I love games and I have always loved games and I probably will always love games. Since I am not an artist, a story writer, musician, or a graphic artist I am limited to making games using Minecraft as my "game engine." So what does all this even mean? It basically means I have not and will not give up on this project. It moves slow because coding with only one other person is a slow process. We have learned from ours and others mistakes. Our code is highly salable, well commented, and very easy to work with, unlike some popular servers that have gone down and will never return. That being said, the underlying technologies that has gone into making all of this possible have been difficult to get working and a lot to learn. For instance, we have recently switched from a MySQL database to a Redis database. Redis is a lot faster than MySQL. We made this switch because we have a great usecase for Redis, it has more than 100x faster than MySQL, and has a big following. My thinking if other servers are using this, then their must be a reason. So I decided to look into it. I saw the comparision (read/write) results between the two database types and I was sold that this is what we needed. It took about a month to learn Redis and to implement it into our project. I have heard a rumor that Hypixel is using Monogdb, which is a NoSQL database (like redis) but is a little bit slower than Redis. If that is true then it could be possible that our database read/write speeds could be better/faster than Hypixels. Which is something neat to think about. Okay, now that Redis seems to be running correctly we are able to move onto the next big feature of the server. So we decided to completely redoing the Hub. We have some really awesome features and a new hub map coming soon. I don't want to say to much about this other than you might end up wanting to play in the hub more than in the minigames. ;)

So most all of the hard work has been completed code wise. We still have a lot to implement, but it is going very well so far. I am convinced what we are working on is something really special that I think players are going to enjoy for many years to come (after it releases ofcorse)!


P.S. I want to give a big shoutout to @hposej for helping me code the project. He usually pitches in some time on the weekends when he is out of school. hposej is the only other person who has actually seen the source of the project. Our project code totals over 60 thousand!
P.S.S. Sorry for the extensive rambling. LoL

It is time for our second patch! This patch fixes a lot of bugs across all servers. The patch details are listed below!

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed opening of trapped chests.
  • Fixed bug where falling into the void would make you stuck.
  • Fixed Dragon Eggs from moving around when clicked.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes prevent a game from ending when not enough players are online.

Features Added:
  • Added (animated) game selection menu to the hub with live player stats.
  • Added join/quit messages to the mini game server.
  • Added custom particle API for future use! ;)

We have been hard at work on the vanity plugin. This plugin will hold all the cosmetic goodies that players will get access to via playing games and purchasing ranks. We also have a few mini games that are currently being worked on. When they get closer to completion, we will make an announcement! :)

Stay tuned for more!
Hello everyone!

Today I have launched the first patch for the server network. Below are the details of what has changed.

  • Added Server Icon
  • Added Server Motd
  • Added Creative Server (access with the "/creative" command)
  • Added "/lobby" and "/hub" command for easy and quick access to the hub.
  • Fixed bug where you could steal chests from the vanity plugin.
  • Fixed bug that would let you open chests in spawn.
  • Fixed bug that would let you place items in chest at spawn.
  • Fixed a map bug that would load a broken map for the "One In The Chamber" mini game.

Upcoming Features:
  • Sky Wars mini game.
  • New mini maps.
  • + much more!

That is all for this update. It's a small one, but there are more updates coming soon!

Programmer and Server Owner
Hello everyone!

After many months of work, we have finally got a server up and running! Our code is still new, so you may find bugs and at times the server might break from them. If you experience bugs or want to suggest ideas, then please post them!

Over the next several weeks we will be adding more and more minigames and a creative server!

So what are you waiting for??? Join now!


(remember to post bugs)
Hello everyone!

We have been hard at work programming our network from scratch. We code every day, rarely taking any days off. I have forgotten to keep people on the website notified with what has been going on. So that is what I will do with this post.

We currently have been programming these projects below:
  • RPG (yes, we started it back up again)
  • Minigame Framework
  • Minigame: Infection
  • Minigame: Last Man Standing
  • Minigame: Mob Murder
  • Minigame: Grass Mower
  • Minigame: One In the Chamber
  • Minigame: Pirate Attack
  • Minigame: Sheep Shearers
  • Hub Vanity/Cosmetic plugin
  • Hub Plugin
  • Server Core Framework
  • And Ranks
Currently our network is growing in features and we plan on releasing the minigames very soon. We are aiming to have about 20 games before we make our first release. Also, I will be starting a new job here soon that will help fund the server's development. I plan on paying for the hosting fee's and advertising. Once we have a player base and our games and all bugs are fixed, we will put the cosmetic/vanity upgrades as our main focus (so the server can earn money to stay online). After almost 2 years of development, several down times, and many years of reprogramming, 100 thousand lines of code, we are finally coming to an official release.

I look forward to the days that are coming in the future! Also, if you ever want to test some of our work, join us on TeamSpeak and I will open up the development server to get your feedback. :)

TeamSpeak IP:



For the past several weeks @hposej and myself have been hard at work programming a minigame framework completely from scratch. I would like to announce today that the framework is about to reach beta!

So what does this mean for Forge Storm (formerly MinePile)? It means we are about to go into the heavy testing phase of the development process where we need YOUR help finding and resolving bugs!

But before we get more into the testing information, lets review what our framework is, and what it does!

Note: The above video is from 2014 and is not the current framework.
However it does look similar to the current version.

The Minigame framework currently has the following features:
  • Is the base/core for all our future minigames!
  • Dynamically loads/unload an unlimited number of minigames. Similar to the Mineplex Arcade!
  • Supports map roll back! Players can COMPLETELY destroy our minigame maps, and they will always be rolled back!
  • Supports Kits! Players will be able to purchase, unlock, and earn kits! Kits are displayed similar to Mineplex with kit mobs! Kits can NOT be purchased with real money.
  • Teams! Our framework supports an unlimited number of teams! So we can create games that have 1 or 100 teams!
  • Supports an unlimited number of players! We can host games from 1 player to 100 players or more!
  • Spectators mode! You can "ride/spectate" game players and see exactly what they see!
  • Spectator free roam mode! Hey the big servers do it, so we will too!
  • Server wide saved data! We save all your scores, in game money, and more! You will be able to play on any server and always have access to your stats!
  • Advanced scoreboards! You will get a ton of information from these special scoreboards, similar to all the big servers!
  • Achievements! You will be able to unlock and earn achievements in game! Some achievements will unlock kits!
  • We currently have created 3 games (but more are coming soon)!
  • And much more, currently secret stuff! :)
Why Minigames?
The minigames idea was influenced by my roommates and I playing a LOT of Mario Party games. After playing about 5 different ones, I was eager to see if I could create some in Minecraft. So at that time, I started developing the minigame framework.

Where is the RPG (previous project)?
The previous project we were working on was a remake of the Dungeon Realms server from scratch. While the code still exist and all our work, we halted the development due to Dungeon Realms actually coming back. Although recently it seems their developers have stopped working on it. We plan on opening this project back up in the future when we have a bigger team. We feel that the minigames will pull in more players and allow us to expand our development team. When this happens, prepare for MCRPG madness!

Where do we go from here?

We need testers and we need unique game ideas. If you want to test the minigames, then join us on our Teamspeak 3 server! IP:

If you have unique minigame ideas, we would love to hear them! If we use your minigame idea, we will credit you! So everytime your game is played, players will see your name before the game starts! If you would like to suggest a minigame idea, please post it in this forum.

We look forward to seeing you in game!


Just wanted to let everyone know that I did some cleanup on the forums. I removed some forum categories and added some new ones! Not only did we get some new ones, I spent some time reorganizing the layout of the forums. It should be much easier now to find and post content!

In addition to the forum cleanup, I did some rank cleanup. I have removed the alpha tester rank. The reason I removed the alpha tester rank was because we no longer need it. Everyone that had that rank was restored back to their previous rank.

Premium supporter ranks were not removed.

While working on the ranks I also cleaned up the permission systems. So if you are trying to do something on the forum and do not have permissions, please let me know and I will fix it!