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Hello everyone,

As we all know, we have started pre-alpha. Everything is going great and we are finding and fixing bugs every day. That being said we have reached maximum capacity for or pre-alpha access. Right now we are reserving the rest of our pre-alpha spots for premium paid access members. I apologize for any inconveniece this may have caused you. I know everyone is hyped and wants to give the server a try.

If you would like to play our pre-alpha access and support the hardware costs of the server, please consider purchasing premium access from our server store. Each and every donation goes directly to server costs and none of it goes to any developer (including myself).

Thank you for your understanding!

Owner and Programmer
Hello my IGN is jvan2 , I use to play a big minecraft MMO called "Dungeonrealms" you may know about how successful it was and I was addicted to it in its Closed BETA , I am also into playing things like factions , the walls , mega walls , those types of games . I honestly have been playing minecraft for around 5 years now and I am hoping many more to come on this new MMO. Also I use to play World of Warcraft ( WOW ) a huge MMO you may know about with classes , dungeons , raids , PVP , PVE , guilds , etc I ended up quitting that game once I got into dungeonrealms. I have also been testing things like new faction servers and minigame servers every once and while and have found tons of bugs which could have ruined the servers economy. I think this MMO could be very successful I think I could help it get more successful by finding bugs to prevent people from duping and things like that so the people who come on will not want to leave.
I read that the apps are full and you will be replacing people so incase I do get accepted and your willing to swap someone out someone whose been inactive is
Hello, my name is Emilio, I started playing Minecraft in 1.2.4, I was in Dungeon Realms Closed Beta.
Since I had a great experience playing Rpgs I started looking for a fresh Minecraft Rpg, about 1 month ago I found your post on Spigot and loved the idea, so today I finnaly took the time to write my Beta Application.

I am interested in MinePile RPG because I enjoy playing RPGs, I am willing to offer as much of my time as possible.

Inactive players I found: konge40, defaultbomb, cloudfr, TheDroktarr.
My in game name is kochlane. I love Minecraft for the game play of RPGs like Dungeon Realms and MinePile.
Also It is fun to play mini games like sky block and egg wars though RPGs are my favorite. Some of my hobblies are collecting coins and playing on the computer. I think I could help MinePile by posting on the fourms trying to act like a Pmod or just a helper to try to have people have a pleasent experence on the fourms.
My RPG Experence consists of mostly Mineplex DR. I am looking for a new game that i could play and help to make better. Also i think that the works the the Devs, Builders, and Coders is amazing because the normal people can only make a small house and try to profct that, while the builders can make amzing citys and the coders can make whole games. Ive coded a little python and i know how hard it can be to shape it so that it is how you like and want it to be. It would be an honer to play and help this game to become the new rave.
This is a ever growing and changing todo list.

Features needed for Open Beta:
  • Item drops
    • Add money to items
    • Add random names
    • Add lore to items picked up off ground (coal, dead bush, copper, etc)
    • Announce when rare item is found in server
  • MinePile Menu
  • Hearthstone
  • Player Alignments (good, neutral, chaotic)
  • Player stash
  • Player guild/level next to name
  • Professions
    • Alchemy
    • Blacksmithing
    • Cooking
  • Dungeons (pve areas)
  • Battlegrounds (pvp areas)
  • Player/Guild realms
  • Guild commands
  • NPC's
    • Profession item sales
    • Profession trainers
    • Merchant
    • Item identifier
    • Inn Keeper
  • Achievements
  • Server voting
  • eCash items
  • MySQL database transfer (convert config code to MySQL)

Special/Extra Features: (things that do not need to be out on open beta)
  • Booby traps
    • Walls shooting arrows
    • TNT traps
    • Traps that blow you sky high
  • Guild wars
  • Guild shop
  • Random world events
Hey i was waiting alot of time to join to Minepile server... i was watching your videos for a whille... and now i want to join to the closed beta. I have played on many rpg server... the orginal dr and more. i was playing on rpg games.. (silkroad... wow..). My name is John I'm 15 year old Just moved to usa one week ago..
I hope you will accept me for the closed beta of your server,thx.
Here are the past week development updates. Our code has reached over 27,000 lines! If you are a closed beta tester you can try out the new update on the live dev server!



  • Added citizen manager to plugin code. This class assigns every NPC health and protects them from damage.
  • Added message letting the player know how much money was in a stack that they picked up.
  • Added feature where players drop their items on death.
  • Added NPC that will eventually identify "unidentified" items.
  • Added Fairy NPC that will heal you in the dungeon.
  • Added sound when player receives PM.
  • Added the recipients name to your PM.
  • Added ability for NPC's to be left-clicked (punched) or right-clicked to interact with them.
  • Added functionality to allow all NPC's to have different names, and still allow interaction based on what type of NPC they are.
  • NPC's Holograms are now dynamically loaded from a configuration file that contains the NPC's health and cords. This is a big code change.
  • Started work with special effects.
  • Fixed resource pack download when you join the server.
  • Implemented a system for dynamic and static menu pages.
  • Implementing a menu actions. These trigger things that will happen in menus when items are clicked.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed being able to harm NPC.
  • Fixed player Health Point regeneration.
  • Fixed bug where a player could never get the max roll size with the roll command.
  • Fixed bug where a player would stay on fire after death.
  • Changed PM tag color to Light Purple from Dark Aqua.
  • Fixed bug where players could pick up items when dead.

Stay tuned for next week as more developments and progress is made. :)
Hello, My nickname is ratoalien and I have over 4 years experience in minecraft: Account
Already participated in some betas servers such as HeroCraft and another smalls servers.
I have 6-8 hours daily to play.
I am a while researching a good server to play and really like to be accepted to collaborate in minepile.
I would love to collaborate with the server that mainly in beta period.
Sorry about my english is not my native language.
Thanks since now
Hello, there are many reasons why I want to join the beta testing team. First of all I have been excited, and supportive for the release of the minepile server for a very long time, and really want to put in more help to this amazing community!

Here's a few things about me: My favorite thing to do is ride my bike/ take hikes on trails, my favorite type of music is alternative rock, and my favorite band atm is the Foo Fighters. I have played minecraft for about 4 years and have belonged to many different communities, one of my favorite things about minecraft as a game is how it can connect many people together from different parts of the world, and allow them to share their creativity.

As far as testing goes, I would be willing to offer as much of my time as possible (although school is coming up) and have worked with unenergizer in the past on creating the server. I am very excited for the release of the server and would be willing to do anything I can do to help you guys out :). As for the RPG element of the server, I have to admit I don't have that much experience, but you have to start somewhere right? Anyways enough rambling.

My name is Alexander, but you can call me Storm or Alex.

I would like to become a beta tester for different Minepile projects, most namely Minepile RPG.
First, some background... I turned 18 august 7th, and have been playing minecraft since its very early stages, watching it grow into the massive game it is now. I grew up playing games such as Ocarina of time, Super smash bros, and Sonic.

Rpgs in general are some of my favorite games. Games like Final fantasy, legend of the dragoon, are on my top list. I have played on servers like Dungeon Realms, which has rpg elements in it, creating clans and having a grand time with it!

I would like to be a beta tester, and possibly future staff of minepile because I want to see it grow into something with over ten thousand players. You know... like some of those other big names. I have been Moderator Or Admin on a few servers. So I know the ropes. Beta testing the RPG for starters is something i can really see myself doing right. I may not find all the bugs and glitches. But I will try things that might seem weird such as dying multiple times to find some new bug. But I try my best to get the job done.

In conclusion, I love to interact and help people with assorted things, and really want to get this server on the road.

Thanks for your consideration

Ps- Im bad at writing these things so If I messed up please let me know.