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Dear Administrators

My name is Kris I'm 15 and live in the UK. This is my application for Minpile's Closed Beta. I am applying because I am interested in this style of game and Minecraft especially and I think that I could be very helpful in a closed beta environment. I have been playing Minecraft since its beta and and know the game inside out.

I have experience in playing MMORPGs (some even Minecraft based) and I have participated in many public testing programs and I have developed good skills in finding and reporting bugs, errors, flaws, etc in a professional and timely manor.

I have lots of experience playing games and from this I have learned what makes a good game and what makes a bad game. I can use this knowledge to help you when developing the game and I can create feature requests of my own that I believe will benefit the game and make it an even moire enjoyable experience for everyone.

I enjoy creating silly programs (example: and so have lots of experience finding and fixing errors in programs. I am also quite musical, I play the violin I am very enthusiastic about it. I am also very hardworking during school but we're on summer break now so I have more time to spend on other things.
I built my own PC and I have attached my DxDiag (system configuration information) if it is somthing you'd like to take a peak at.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application, I hope you take me into consideration and have a wonderful day.

Yours faithfully,
- Kris (IGN: MyriadCx)
Hello, my name is Jordan. I mostly mess with the hardware side of technology but have been getting into software lately. I've played Minecraft for about three years and have played on many rpg servers. I have also played many mmo's, rpg's and mmorpg's. I have participated in many Beta game projects sending information on bugs and features that might be a good addition to the game. I am very interested in MilePile and would love to join in on the fun. Looks like this will be a great server.
-Jordan, Hyperiex
Hello, I'd like to join in on the servers development and help to the best of my abilities. I have owned Minecraft since it was in a beta stage. You know when there wasn't any food bar, or when you couldn't sprint and were stuck at a slow moving pace trying to run from spiders. I'm fairly active even if I'm not on Minecraft. I have some experience in RPG games, but i would say definitely NOT an expert. I have tested servers for bugs/exploits before. I could say everything i could try to do to improve the server to help it progress, but i think the best way would be for me to prove it. Thanks for reading/considering, until next time!
I would like to apply for open beta of the minepile rpg. I have had years of experience with multiple types of mmorpg games and I believe I would make appropriate suggestions for the server. I am very effective at finding any bugs which the server may have and I will try my best to contribute to the minepile community. I am an outgoing person and I get along with everyone.
I've played minecraft since around beta 1.6, and have since then been consistently playing. I played in closed beta DR, and ever since it shutdown I've been looking for a server that can offer a similar, or perhaps even better experience. I believe, after hearing about this server from my friend Anfun, that this server truly can become better even than Dungeon Realms. I hope to be able to join this server and help make it the best it can possibly be.

First wanted to talk to the server so enjoyed seeing the video of your post ( that left me with a huge, inexplicable urge to want to play on your server, I am Brazilian and already played several rpgs, as tibia was one of the first passeis several years playing WoW, also I played D&D Online, skyrim and the list goes on, but I have not time to talk about all rpgs I played haha, already in minecraft rpg servers already played in various also and so was the one I liked, so the famous and now is dead DungeonRealms, I saw the video and your server reminded me a lot DungeonRealms it hit a giant will be able to play, my name is Luke have 14 years do 15 in November I hope to be accepted into the Beta, and remembering if I accept and like (probably by the video I saw'll like yes) I will call my friends to play, since most like quite RPG.

Pre-Alpha has Started!
Hello there, I am @CaveyJ from the MinePile RPG development team. I am happily here to announce that there is now a live development server.

Access to the development server requires either:

We are accepting pre-alpha tester applications from those who will work hard to help us find flaws and bugs within the game. The ideal candidate will also be an active member on the forums!

Hope to see you on soon, have a nice day! :D

Forum moderator.
This post is our unfinished change-log for the week. In this change-log you will find updates to the server as they are happening. I try to do at least one hour of work a day on the server code every day.

The plugin is growing all the time!
The following graph shows the lines of code that have been added and removed from the plugin.
The green numbers show how many lines of code I have added.
The red numbers show how many lines of code I have changed or removed.
The orange-red graph shows the number of commits I have made to the code.


Features added:
  • True random armor and weapon drops.
  • Made many "attributes" functional.
  • Added "Manasteal" attribute for weapons.
Bug fixes:
  • Many many bugs related to random armor and weapon drops.
  • Many many bugs related to attribute programming.
This is the final version of this change log. It was completed on 8/9/2015.
What's new this week:

Armor/Weapon attributes developer screen shot.
This is a picture taken during the development process showing that all attributes are now been implemented into the game. Were always taking suggestions on types of attributes to add to the game. If you have a suggestion, please let us know in our forums!


Cool backpack developer screen shot.
Made by: @CaveyJ


  • Added exploding egg that drops coins and plays sounds.
  • Added consumable items to drop tables and loot tables.
  • Ability for loot chests and and mobs to drop consumable items and misc items. All animals and mobs in game can now drop any Minecraft item.
  • Any item can now be easily modified to include a custom title, description and contain other information.
  • Added new secret room (to demo island).
  • Started code for lock picking.
  • Added various drops to different mobs for demonstration purposes.
  • Added support to teleport mobs back to spawn location if they go to far away from their spawn location. This will keep mobs from running out of dungeons and into player towns.
  • Implemented all attributes into the game. Above is a cool test image I took while doing some testing.

Bug Fixes:

  • Worked on some HP related bugs. There is still more to fix.

The changelog for the past week is done and a new thread for next weeks changelog will be posted here.
This is the change-log for dates July 19 - July 26th.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed player death on armor equip.
  • Fixed double death messages.
  • Fixed several bugs related to HP.
  • Lowered item drop rates.
  • Fixed bug where loot chest contents would spawn in the MinePile menu and in other inventories.
  • Fixed bug where a loot chest would generate additional loot every time the chest was opened and closed.
  • Fixed other various loot chest bugs.
  • Fixed bug where mobs wouldn't wear the player head of a "real player."
  • Fixed bug where EntitieTypes with two names (example Pig Zombie) could not be loaded from the configuration file.
  • Added death message.
  • Added in-game tips.
  • Added ability to load several "game tip" messages and display them.
  • Added utility to make item creation easier.
  • Updated the game menu "MinePile Compass menu" with descriptive items.
  • Added money drops to loot chests.
  • Added money drops to monsters.
  • Added resource pack to the server to begin working with custom game models.
  • Added ability to give mobs custom armor, weapons, and 3D models.
  • Added function to play sound when a player picks up money.
Link to original change-log thread: