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Update 1: Server Back online now. This is from the host:
Original Post:
Server is down due to a large DDoS attack. It is not known when the node will be brought back online. I will update this thread when I have further news.

The following is a Twitter Post from the hosting company.



Hi all,

Here we go, we have another update for you! Lets start by talking about what was completed this week. Here is last week's update for reference.

  • Server Build
    • All prison cell and shop plots are finished and ready to be used.
    • Warden House exterior
  • Server Plugins/Config
    • Server "Message of the day" or MOTD
    • NPC shops.
    • Ranks/Permissions
    • Custom chat color scheme.

What is left:

  • Server Build:
    1. 3 Dungeons (in progress)
    2. Warden House interior (in progress)
    3. Server Shop (in progress)
    4. Additional secret rooms (ongoing)
  • Server Plugins:
    • Custom:
      • Custom plugins have not been started.
    • Premade:
      • Need to add map border protection.
      • Install and configure chest protection.
      • Install and configure player/server shop plugin. (in progress)
      • Further configure and tweak Citizens 2 (npc plugin). (in progress)
  • Website:
    • Need to integrate server stats into website.
    • Need to setup usergroups.
    • Need to colorize usergroups.
    • Need to install media section software.
    • Need to finish making forum categories.
Alright, that is all I have for now. We have mostly been working on everything listed in last weeks update. Also I apologize for the late update to the thread, life happened. :D


Hi everyone,

It's that time again! Today we have a pretty good list of things to go over. To begin, lets start with what has been completed since last update.

What's completed:

Since last week, we have completed the following:

  • Server Build:
    1. All prison cell regions have been defined.
    2. All prison cell and shop area rent signs have been made (over 300).
    3. D Block dungeon has been created and installed.
    4. More secret rooms added.
    5. Psych ward has been added.
  • Server Plugins:
    • We have added health bars for mobs and players.
  • Website:

What's left:

  • Server Build:
    1. 3 Dungeons
    2. Warden House
    3. Server Shop
    4. Additional secret rooms
  • Server Plugins:
    • Custom:
      • Custom plugins have not been started.
    • Premade:
      • Still need to install permissions and configure usergroups.
      • Need to add map border protection.
      • Install and configure chest protection.
      • Install and configure player/server shop plugin.
      • Further configure and tweak Citizens 2 (npc plugin).
  • Website:
    • Need to integrate server stats into website.
    • Need to setup usergroups.
    • Need to colorize usergroups.
    • Need to install media section software.
    • Need to finish making forum categories.
If I can think of anything else to add to this list I will update it.

DarkTide Survival:

For those of you who don't know, DarkTide is a survival based server that was opened 2010 during the Minecraft beta. DarkTide at one time was one of the most popular survival servers around. I remember playing DarkTide survival server in 2011 and it was one of the best Minecraft experience I have ever had. I learned more about the game and all its exploits and shortcomings relatively fast. See DarkTide had a rule. "If you can do it, it is legal." You don't hear that too often when talking about other servers online. Now don't misunderstand that quote. The staff was not lazy. I have seen then ban more people than I have seen stars in the sky. Anyways I am rambling...

MinePile will host a DarkTide survival influenced game mode. We will be rolling out the "If you can do it, then it's legal" rule. Of coarse hacking and modding are strictly prohibited. Harassing others and saying racial or sexist slurs will result in disciplinary action. Anyways.. development will be starting up for that server game mode as soon as the Prison server moves into beta. The DarkTide server spawn still has about 2 months worth of work, but I think if we can get more people building, than we can speed up that time.

I want to dedicate the last part of this post to say Thank you to everyone who has singed on to the server! Your interest makes this project worth while. With out you, there would be no reason to do any of this.

I would also like to thank, @cloudfr , @Robert_fr, @princeMAK, @Encoded2 and everyone else who has been helping. You guys rock!


P.S. Lets get theses posts flowing guys. Making posts will help grow the website and the user-base. Your understanding and assistance is greatly appreciated.​
UPDATE: SERVER BACK ONLINE (2/9/14, 5:12 am, central time)

Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention that the server is down. I check to see if it had crashed, but found that the host is working on our particular node. This is from the host:

I apologize for the downtime, however I have no control over the hosting companies maintenance times. I expect the server to be up no less than 24 hours, however this is also out of my control. I will keep everyone posted.

January is over and February is here and that brings many new updates! :D

It has been a busy past month. The prison game map is nearing completion and our website is starting to shape up nicely. Alright lets get down to business, here are the specifics as best as I can recall them.

Server - Whats New!
The whats new section of this update will cover the prison game map. The DarkTide Survival game mode and map details will be covered in more depth in the next development update. Okay on with this show.

The prison map has completed:
  • all prison blocks are near completed (needs *extras* ). o_O
  • all mines.
  • all jail buildings.
  • all but one (melon) farm.
  • all nurse stations.
  • the black market.
  • most walkways/roads/paths.
What is left?
  1. Build Wise:
    • 4 dungeons for fighting mobs.
    • Warden house with *extras* ;)
    • Secret rooms and shops.
    • Main server shop.
    • Story Board Mode (will be discussed more in the future).
  2. Plugin Wise
    • Custom Plugins
      • Custom Plugins are going to be developed for the prison game mode to further enhance the experience of the gameplay. I will be taking suggestions via the forums or via PM.
      • Custom Plugin development has not started yet. If you would like to be involved with the programming then please send me links to work you have via PM.
    • Premade Plugins
      • Rant: When I think of installing plugins to a server, I want to install as few as possible. I don't think 100+ plugins make a unique server experience. I think it makes a laggy one. Each server instance will have a very specific set of plugins. Only the plugins required for that game mode will be installed for that specific instance.
      • World guard regions need to be made for every cell in every prison block and farm.
        1. D Block 218 cell count completed!
        2. C Block
        3. B Block
        4. A Block
      • Server economy needs to be developed, including shop (build wise).
      • NPC plugin needs a ton of story work. Speaking of which, that needs work too, but we will talk about that later. :confused:
      • oh and your favorite. Some *extras* are missing from this list, but it's for your own good. No spoilers today :p

Website - Whats New?
Here is the nitty gritty details:
  • New website design.
  • A new trial logo.
  • New forum categories.
Whats coming:
  • ingame achievements on website profile
  • plus more customization and content.

Okay I hope this has helped bring anyone wandering what is going on up to speed on the project. This update has not had any information posted about he DarkTide survival game mode. More information on that will be released in the coming weeks. Right now the focus is getting the game mode in beta, so we can start working on DarkTide map again. The DarkTide server game mode is going to trump all other survival pvp servers out there. We are going back to the old rules of Minecraft awesomeness. If you can do it, then its legal. No more holding hands here, this is real pvp and not the Care Bear server.

Also that being said. I didn't wan't to give any spoilers, but let me just say this. Each game mode has an main objective. When an objective is completed, that will give you something special in another game mode. Each game mode is related but separate.

If none of that made sense, then I guess you will have to keep reading the updates to find out what that really means. :D

Stick around and keep us book marked. You might find out something new and cool next time you visit. :cool::D

Thanks for reading!
MinePile - Mega Game Network

1. Introduction
2. Planned Servers
3. Planned Features
4. How to Help
5. Premium Content
6. MinePile Website
7. Closing Statements

1. Intoduction
I have decided to create a multi-game server hub in order to deliver the best gaming experience possible and to promote ease of use. The server hub, will link/teleport players (users) to instances of separate servers and game modes. If a user becomes bored playing one mode, they can easily find something fun and exciting to find back at the server hub. This will make use of one IP allowing for users to easily remember the ip and spread the word. There will be many game types to choose from. I have chosen a domain name that would represent a wide range of Minecraft game modes. But wait, theirs more...

2. Planned Servers:
  • Server Hub (link to other game servers)
  • DarkTide PVP Survival
  • Prison Break Out Adventure (working title)
  • SkyBlock
  • Creative
  • Custom Mini-Games
  • (suggest more)

3. Planned Features:
  • Main Server Hub
  • GameMode Statistic Tracking
  • Website Statistic Display (in user profile)
  • Website Leader boards
  • Website Game/Statistic Achievements (with achievement point system)
  • Website Forum/Post Achievement points display (for bragging rights)
  • MiniGame Lobbies with Map Voting
  • Significant use of Scoreboard feature (in game stats display)
  • Premium Content
    • Premium minigame kits, prison kits, darktide pvp kits, etc
    • Universal Premium economy. Buy server "cash" and spend it on any gamemode

4. How to Help!
If you are interested in helping me develop this Minecraft experience then let me know. I need help with the following:
  • Map Building
  • Map Ideas
  • Story Ideas
  • Various PHP/Java Coding
  • Database Design
  • Cinematic Creation
  • Public Relations
  • Funding

5. Premium Content
MinePile will sell a special ingame currency that will let users purchase minigame kits and perks in other game modes. Not much else to say about premium content yet.

6. MinePile Website
The website will use XenForo software with custom plugins for player statistics and achievements. Users will register with their existing Minecraft username only. The website will automatically grab your avatar for you and create an identity for you on the website. After website registration, you will be required to sign into the game network and type something like "/activate" to activate and confirm you own the Minecraft account you registered with. While the network may have a US and EU locations, all users will register on one website.

7. Closing Statements
If you would like to help, hit me up on steam (unenergizer) and we can talk. Lastly you can find a demo server here:
This server currently only has the prison spawn loaded. This server does not have a hub, minigames, or anything else except the prison spawn. I need your help to change that. Great things are made by people in organized (and sometimes unorganized) teams. We can put a top-server together if we dont cheap out on our maps and our code. I am confident we can deliver an outstanding experience if we all work together!